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The Provisional Common Canon is a preliminary, unofficial version of the Common Canon, in English. It is the first stage of the process of development of the Common Canon project.

Development of the Provisional Common Canon


The Provisional Common Canon was launched on May 25, 2011.

Apply to Become an Editor

Anyone in the world who speaks English may apply to become an editor of the Provisional Common Canon. Contact the Center for Human Conscience to express your interest.

The Editing Process

Once selected to be an editor, you will be given an account to log in and edit the Provisional Common Canon. Depending on your background and application, your editing privileges may be restricted to particular pages or sections of the Canon about which you are especially knowledgeable.

The editing process will be supervised by administrators from the Center for Human Conscience. Editors are expected to use discretion and care when editing the Canon. Any editor whose editing becomes overly combative, disruptive or detrimental to the project, in the opinion of the administrators, may be warned. If the objectionable conduct continues, the editor may be banned.

Contents of the Provisional Common Canon

Each bullet point in the sections below represents a single article in the Canon. Some of the articles will be much longer than others.

Basic Knowledge

The division of knowledge into sections, subsections, and articles is subject to revision as the Provisional Common Canon develops.




Earth Sciences
Astronomy and Cosmology
Social Sciences
Applied Sciences


Overview and Compilation
Pagan Religions
Semitic or Abrahamic Religions
Religions of Indic Origin
Religions of Chinese Origin
Religions of Persian Origin
Religions of American Origin


Arts and Humanities

The works themselves (i.e. full text, images, audio and video) are included in the Cultural and Creative Works section.

Proclamations and Decisions of Peoples

Celebrated Historical Figures

Sorted by Field of Achievement

Sorted by Day of Commemoration

Each article will have subsections for each day of the month.

Sorted Chronologically

List of persons.

Sorted Alphabetically

List of persons.

Cultural and Creative Works

These are the same works listed and described in the Arts and Humanities section of Basic Knowledge.


Full texts translated into a set of languages.




Audio files.


Video files.

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